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Apogeum Real Estate Sp. z o.o. is company operating in commercial property market sector created for the purpose of optimization of the conditions of use and increase of the property value. We build with our Clients lasting relations, which are based on high quality of provided services, close cooperation and trust. We give our Clients support and best long-term solutions based on our experts’ knowledge and experience.


Our services are intended for:

– real estate owners, aiming at increasing their property value or gaining profit through the real estate sale;
– business entities searching for space for their commercial, office, manufacturing or logistic activity;
– investors who in their strategy of building portfolio want to make use of commercial property potential in terms of generating stable return on investment as well as increasing and protecting the capital value.
We focus on 4 main fields of activity:


With our interdisciplinary approach, many years of experience and holistic operation, in Apogeum Real Estate we are actively supporting our Clients in all activities related to real estate.
We are present at every stage of the investment process and in all phases of property life cycle. Due to Client’s needs and specificity of the property, we build teams of specialists designed to solve all real estate problems.
Within consulting processes, for our Clients we:
– prepare expert opinions in terms of specific problems solutions as well as optimization of revenues and expenses within a given property;
– prepare financial feasibility study of development and renovation projects;
– prepare studies and analysis of the area’s development capacity, planning analysis and analysis of spatial development plans;
– prepare and implement analysis of the best use the property;
– prepare multidimensional real estate market analysis;
– prepare localization analysis;
– prepare development and real estate management plans;
– prepare cost analysis and implement programs of cost optimization;
– perform portfolio analysis of real estate investments and optimization of real estate portfolios;
– prepare strategies and comprehensively implement specific marketing actions for tenancy, sale and development projects;
– in cooperation with specialized subcontractors, we coordinate and conduct multidimensional analysis of the property before the transaction (due diligence) from the point of view of buyer and seller (preparation for sale);
– prepare business plans for projects related to real estate;
– prepare applications and documentations necessary to obtain bank financing for real estate investments;
– prepare sales strategies and the process of real estate sale;
– carry out real estate management processes audits;
– perform go or no go type analysis for key business decisions related to real estate;
– perform multi-variant analysis of stay versus go type for relocation processes;
– prepare financial feasibility analysis for various form of ownership of corporate property;
– perform dedicated consulting processes, adapted to the specificity of the property and Client’s requirements.


Length of real estate life cycle, its capital intensity, large number of specialized services providers as well as users with special needs make of the ownership and use of the property the domains where processes of proactive and professional management become extremely important.
Thanks to the specialists’ passion and commitment in the implementation of management processes, in Apogeum Real Estate for many years we have been building the value of properties entrusted to us. Managing the properties, we are closely cooperating with our Clients in order to implement the pre-determined strategy related to the ownership and use of the property.
Within real estate management, for our Clients we:
– carry out the administration of the property;
– take care of maintenance and services delivery to the property (facility management);
– manage real estate along with taking full responsibility for the realization of the property’s budget and achievement of proper financial result (property management);
– implement long-term strategies of the ownership and increasing the property’s value through the realization of multidimensional investment processes, active cooperation with financial and financing institutions and, long-term contacts with chain users and tenants of commercial property (asset management);
– perform the management of special purpose vehicles being owners of the properties;
– prepare strategies and indicating strategic goals for individual properties as well as for real estate portfolios;
– take over management, administration and property service processes of corporate and rent properties;
– create active approach and cooperation spirit in contacts between services providers, authorities and local administration, neighbours and all users of the property;
– carry out tenders for the services supply and performance of modernization and renovation services for the property;
– manage the implementation of specific strategic goals determined by the owner or in cooperation with the owner, e.g.: management with preparation for sale, preparation for refinancing, management with recommercialization, preparation of the modification in use or conversion, management with the implementation of modernization processes;
– prepare marketing strategies and implement marketing activities for existing properties with the purpose of commercialization or increase in the amount of visitors and level of turnover in commercial property;
– undertake the commercial property management on a success fee basis, i.e. with remuneration based on the achievement of economic goals jointly agreed with the owner;
– during management processes, as required, we perform the regulation of legal status and we restore proper technical condition of the properties.


For most business projects, their success depends on two crucial factors: initial conditions and final situation. In case of real estate investment, those two factors are realized usually through purchase/sale transaction.
In Apogeum Real Estate we focus mainly on the professional service of the property purchase and sale transactions. In terms of transaction services we cooperate both with large investment funds and developers, as well as with individuals. For last few years we have directly participated in and supported numerous real estate transactions, mostly in big cities and in many smaller towns in Poland. Within the transactions we focus mainly on commercial properties, especially on: commercial premises, utility buildings of different types located in city centres, office buildings, all types of commercial buildings (stand alone, retail parks, shopping malls), investment land for office, commercial, warehouse and industrial development.
Within transaction services, for our Clients we:
– represent the seller in full scope;
– serve the real estate buyers in full range;
– carry out sale processes based both on the principle of exclusivity and leading agent as well as in cooperation with large network of cooperating local agents;
– design and implement portfolio sales strategies;
– provide specific property, adapted to the criteria defined by investor;
– advise on pricing strategies and possible scope of market values;
– prepare marketing campaigns and dedicated marketing processes for individual properties in order to obtain optimum selling price;
– support effective contacts between large groups of real estate buyers and sellers cooperating with Apogeum Real Estate;
– carry out transactions in commercial property based on different principles, including: asset deal, share deal, partial purchase, sale and leaseback transactions, leasing, refinancing;
– assure smooth course of notarial and operational activities related to the real estate sale, including the transfer of the property and documentation, support in communication and formal acts with contractors connected to the property;
– support real estate pricing processes and contacts with experts;
– carry out real estate due diligence processes on behalf of both buyers and sellers;
– take care of the security of transactions;
– aim at win-win type of transactions.


We provide a wide range of services dedicated to both developers and investors in terms of advising on tenancy of all types of commercial real property. Being experienced and motivated, Apogeum Real Estate team, taking care of the tenancy of various types of commercial facilities, has a broad knowledge on local markets. Our consulting services are easily accessible and cover all major cities in Poland.
At the same time, within the representation of tenants, we support the processes of expansion of retail chains, help in the relocation of corporate offices. Due to our extensive experience and current knowledge on the market, we are able to carry out efficiently the processes of tenancy parameters optimization and actively support negotiations between tenants and landlords.
Our services related to tenancy include in particular:
– representation of tenants and service of corporate tenants in terms of searching localization for their activity;
– representation and consulting for landlords in the commercialization process of facilities for rent;
– assessment of localization and gathering data for modelling and preparing forecasts of commercial facilities turnover;
– support and active cooperation with expansion departments of retail chains
– planning of commercialization strategies and selection of tenants in commercial facilities (tenant mix);
– assessment of financial feasibility and implementation of the relocation of tenants processes;
– searching the surface areas for tenants, based on the predefined criteria;
– tenancy conditions optimization;
– recommercialization of commercial facilities;
– successful commercial negotiations and tenancy agreements negotiations;
– searching for subtenants for the part of leased surface areas;
– preparing standards for tenancy agreements and standards for chain expansion tenancy agreements;
– support in any formal and operational activities leading to the conclusion of tenancy agreements, transfer of the surface area and start of the facility use;
– coordination of processes related to the commercial area design;
– coordination and complete management of the process of conducting finishing works (fit-out).


Maciej Zackiewicz

Operational Director / CEO

Joanna Richter

Head of Developent and Leasing

Andrzej Zackiewicz

Business Partner

Katarzyna Duś

Senior Leasing Director

Paulina Sałasińska

Operational Manager

Anna Paklerska

Estate Administrator in Warsaw

Paweł Zackiewicz

Project Manager

Michał Lewandowski

Estate Administrator in Lublin

Adam Kulawiak

Estate Administrator in Krasnystaw